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2012 Chicago Prize Competition: “FUTURE PRENTICE”

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2012 Chicago Prize Competition: “FUTURE PRENTICE”
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Data końca rejestracji: 15/10/2012
Termin składania prac: 15/10/2012
Data zakończenia: 15/11/2012
Miasto: Chicago
Kraj: USA
The Chicago Architectural Club is pleased to announce the 2012 Chicago Prize Competition: "FUTURE PRENTICE", with its partners, the Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

This is a single-stage international design ideas competition intended to act as a platform for public debate about the future of one of Chicago's most architecturally significant Modern buildings, Bertrand Goldberg's Prentice Women's Hospital.


Located in the downtown Chicago neighborhood of Streeterville, this concrete, clover leaf-shaped structure is considered an iconic piece of architecture for the city by some and an eyesore by others. Completed in 1975, the organically-shaped form stands out in a field of rectilinear mid-rise and high-rise developments.

The hospital is considered ground-breaking for its cutting-edge architecture and advanced engineering, as well as for what was a progressive design approach to organizing medical wards and services. Prentice Women's Hospital received international press coverage and an award from Engineering News Record for its innovative tower and open floor-plate layout that eliminated the need for structural support columns. Partially occupied until fall of 2011, the structure has been determined to be in sound condition, but in need of repair. Today the building is in imminent danger of being torn down by its owner, Northwestern University, but it's fate ultimately lies in the hands of the city's administration. A study was commissioned by Landmarks Illinois in 2011 to propose alternative uses for the structure, which is now vacant, as Prentice Women's Hospital had moved into a new structure less than a block away. The three schemes produced were rejected by Northwestern University as either not needed or too limiting for the university's research agenda.

A coalition, which includes AIA Chicago, DoCoMoMo (Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement), Landmarks Illinois, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Preservation Chicago has been formed to advocate for the preservation of this irreplaceable modern building. It has been on the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 "10 Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois"list by Landmarks Illinois, it was placed on the National Trust's 2011 "11 Most Endangered Historic Places" in the nation list and has been determined by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency to be eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

Renowned local and international architects, and concerned citizens alike, have signed letters and petitions for the structure to be saved.


The "FUTURE PRENTICE" Competition is open to anyone with a vision of what the former Prentice Women's Hospital could become: students, architects, landscape architects, planners, designers and artists.
Members of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Architectural Club, staff and Board members from AIA Chicago, members of the jury or their families, or those involved with the preparation or funding of this competition may not participate.
This competition is to be conducted solely via this website - no additional printed material is available. The official language of the competition is English. All drawings and architectural scales should be expressed in feet and inches.


"FUTURE PRENTICE" is an anonymous competition. No names of team members shall appear on graphic material or in file names.
The unique 5-digit registration number is the only means of identification.

All material received by the competition organizers becomes their property, including reproduction rights. The intellectual property rights for each submission remain with the author(s) of the submission. The Chicago Architectural Club reserves the right to publish, exhibit, or present the work submitted to this competition in any format.


Registration Fee $90
Reduced Fee for Students (with valid ID) $50


1. Follow the payment instructions below.
2. Send an email to [[email protected]] with the contact information for the entrant or team leader.
3. If you are a student, please include a copy of your current ID in your email.
4. Confirmation of the registration along with a random 5-digit registration number will be emailed to the registrant (individual or the team leader) for identification of the final submission.

One registration is required per project submitted. Participants may submit multiple entries or be part of multiple teams, but each submission must have an individual registration number.

Registration will remain open until the submission due date October 15.



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